Code Of Ethics Albari News

Code of Ethics

View our internationally recognised Code of Ethics.

As a global media service, Albarinews will adopt the following codes of ethics in line with the vision and mission that Albarinews has set for itself:

1. Maintain journalistic standards of honesty, integrity, fairness, balance, independence, integrity, and diversity, putting no commercial or political considerations ahead of professional considerations.

2. Strive to uncover the truth and express it unambiguously in our dispatches, programmes, and news bulletins, leaving no mistake about its legitimacy and correctness.

3. Regard our audiences and give each issue or storey the attention it deserves in order to portray a clear, factual, and realistic representation while taking into account the feelings of vulnerable individuals, war, repression, and disaster, as well as their kin and our watchers, as well as individual privacy and public common decency.

4. We should welcome transparent and equitable media competitiveness without permitting it to negatively impact our performance standards, so that getting a “scoop” does not become an objective in and of itself.

5. Present a range of viewpoints and thoughts without bias or favouritism.

6. Recognize the diversity of human civilizations, including all races, ethnicities, and faiths, as well as their values and inherent individualities, in order to offer an unbiased and accurate representation of them.

7. Recognize when you’ve made a mistake, fix it right away, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

8. Maintain transparency while interacting with the information and its individuals, while complying to internationally recognised standards for the protection of these sources’ interests.

9. To escape the traps of conjecture and propaganda, differentiate between facts, opinion, and evaluation.

10. Stand behind colleagues in the vocation and offer support when needed, especially in light of the occasional acts of abuse and harassment that journalists face. To maintain freedom of press, interact with Local and worldwide professional unions and organizations.